Finishing Strokes

As KWoC finally comes to a glorious end with mentees preparing their documentation posts and mentors filing up the assignments, I as a mentor for B.E.N.J.I., present the top statistics and progress we made in this eventful month.


Name Number
Commits 267
Issues 36
Merged PRs 42
Total PRs 67
Stars 18
Forks 40


  1. New UI and logo of B.E.N.J.I. created

  2. B.E.N.J.I. made compatible for Linux and MacOs versions

  3. GUI shifted from wxpython to Tkinter

  4. Improved speech recogition

  5. Debugged Youtube and news features

  6. Added several more features

The Other side

Throughout the program, I described my experiences in this blog as well as in Medium. Here are the posts:

Of course, there is also an other side of the story! To hear from the mentee side:

Indeed, it was a really nice journey mentoring at KWoC: one full of excitement and happiness, mentoring students and programming

Written on January 1, 2018