Week 3

KWoC(Kharagpur Winter of Code) has entered its third week and we are working to make B.E.N.J.I. better and better. We have had some significant improvements:

  • Kaushal Bhogale made an awesome change in the UI now converting it into a Mission-Impossible styled one. He also debugged the Windows version. Last week, during evaluation, I said I expected more from him. He’s proving his mark
  • Abhimanyu Thakre has added some more features in the Windows version by reducing lines of code, adding Google functionality and adding the ShutDown feature.
  • Prasenjit Shaw started with a basic yet important issue of describing the activities the digital assistant can do.
  • Rohan Ricky also debugged the Linux version and added the calculator He also is becoming the bug-bounty-hunter of the program, detecting some even I could not have thought of
  • Arib Alam is doing the same: bug detection and debugging. He is working as expected from him.

We also opened the scope of NLP to B.E.N.J.I.. This is a discusson topic with making the code modular and introducing AI.

More in my next post!

Written on December 18, 2017