About me

I am a second year Ph.D. student in the Aerospace and Ocean Engineering department at Virginia Tech. My doctoral advisor is Dr. Olivier Coutier-Delgosha at the Cavitation,Propulsion and Multiphase Flow Lab. Our research focuses on cavitating and multiphase flows- both on the experimental and computational side.

My research focuses on the computational aspect of cavitating flows primarily using data assimilation to reduce uncertainties in Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) modelling. RANS has not been precise to model the turbulence pertaining RANS and I along with my advisor intend to improve it using data assimilation and machine learning techniques. These topics form the crux of a much bigger topic called Data-Driven turbulence modelling. I intent to incorporate empirical corrections, data assimilation techniques and neural networks into a ‘bigger model’ which can be used to drive turbulence modelling. My future scope is to go into academia as a tenure-track professor at an esteemed university in the United States/France where I head my own lab and guide my students just like my advisor does!

This blog is somewhat related to that. I was interested in this idea a long time back after reading Philip Guo’s blog. I would be writing my rants and stuff related to my research and grad life in general. As Dr. Richard Feynman said, “There is pleasure in recognizing old things from a new viewpoint” I would like to come back and read the past points just for the “old things”. I must point out that I am a guy who procrastinates and who sometimes is neck deep in research work or course work and hence my posts may come as irregular in content, time span and punctuation.