Who am I?

My name is Dhruv Apte and I am a third year undergraduate majoring in mechanical engineering. Now there are many sides of me:

  • The ‘mechie’ me is a guy who tries to incorporate computer science in mechanical engineering. He particularly loves watching production processes work, the math behind thermodynamics and computing analysis in designing machine elements. He also likes studying the stuff
  • The ‘developer’ me spends his time on GitHub instead of the trending Instagram or Snapchat, finding projects worth contributing or sometimes spearheading his own.
  • The ‘data scientist’ me tries to learn and compete simultaneously; he is good at machine learning, average at data visualisation and natural language processing and poor in deep learning. But he tries to learn something everyday
  • The ‘watcher’ me loves to watch movies(specific genres: horror and political drama) and series. He clashes a lot with the ‘developer’ me and the ‘mechie’ me and he hates to binge-watch.
  • The ‘chatter’ me who is currently writing this page loves to talk about some topics; but some, not all.

Contact me

You can mail me at dhruvgirishapte@gmail.com